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Starting with the most senior technician, Francisco M Verdade, he started diagnosing and repairing automobiles at a young age, started around the late ’60s, with his father and older brother. Not only automobiles, but anything with an engine really. Francisco has knowledge that’s been accumulating over the years and has the ability to diagnose autos from the pre-OBD II era.

The eldest son also named Francisco is currently an apprentice of the trade and is learning about the most up to date tech on new cars (including hybrids) to further improve service to potential new customers and regular customers alike.

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Our staff is current on policies and industry changes in order to maintaining the level of service comparable to new car dealers, but that’s all that you can compare to the big guys. Once a vehicle is a regular here, you can rest assure it’s in good hands. You’ll know what needs to be repaired right away and what can wait a little longer. Preventive maintenance is very important to extend the life of your vehicle and here you’ll be up to par on what it needs.