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Starting with the most senior technician, Francisco M Verdade, he started diagnosing and repairing automobiles at a young age, started around the late ’60s, with his father and older brother. Not only automobiles, but anything with an engine really. Francisco has knowledge that’s been accumulating over the years and has the ability to diagnose autos from the pre-OBD II era.

The eldest son also named Francisco is currently an apprentice of the trade and is learning about the most up to date tech on new cars (including hybrids) to further improve service to potential new customers and regular customers alike.

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Who We Are

FM Auto is a trustworthy and reliable car service and maintenance shop located in Brampton, Ontario. We have 10 skilled technicians who are certified to work on just about everything with a motor. We keep your car running and your cars keep us going too! We work on every car from pre-on-board data systems eras all the way up to the newest hybrids. Our mechanics stay up to date on new technologies and work efficiently to get your car back up and running like new each day!

Our History

FM Auto is proud to say we’ve been in operation for over three decades. Our most senior technician Francisco M. Verdade has over 50 years of experience diagnosing and repairing a plethora of motor vehicle issues. He started in the late ‘60s with his father and older brother and is passing the tradition down the line to his son Fancisco Jr., who works in the shop as an apprentice as well.

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Our Mission

As a team, our shop stays up to date on the latest policies comparable to dealerships, however, we vow to deliver service far more personal. You can trust that your car will be well maintained in the shop and returned to you in a timely manner with all necessary repairs carried out. Our service doesn’t end there, though. After all, preventative maintenance is essential to extending the life of your beloved vehicle. Most of all, we pride ourselves on executing top-quality and honest work.

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