Having air conditioning in your car is a must because it’s the only way you will be able to drive comfortably during the warmer months. There are five main components to a vehicle’s air conditioning system, including a compressor, condenser, receiver, thermal expansion valve and evaporator. If any of these components fail, your AC will not function, so you need to ensure these parts are in great condition at all times.

There are a number of reasons why the air conditioner in your car can stop working, including the following:

AC Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant is very important for your air conditioner because it cannot function without it. Leaks generally happen more during the colder months because your AC system is not used in the winter, so your seal can dry out, and the refrigeration levels will decrease. As a result, warm air will blow out of your unit. When a car loses refrigerant, it’s generally because of a leak, so you need to head over to a mechanic shop for maintenance.

Defective Cooling Fan

When your cooling fan is not functioning properly, it can cause problems with your air conditioning because it will cause it to emit hot hair, which will compromise your car’s air quality. The accumulation of debris, a faulty cooling fan temperature switch, blown fuses or electrical issues can all cause your cooling fan to break, so you will have to get your car checked in this case as a professional mechanic will be able to inspect the different components and will fix them accordingly.

Defective Condenser

A broken condenser means the high-pressure refrigerant vapours exiting this component won’t be cooled and will constrict airflow. The build-up of debris or breakage can lead to this problem, and if your condenser is broken, your refrigerant will leak, and your AC system will not work.  A lot of seals and tubes are used by a condenser, and these can wear or tear over time, so it’s something you need to monitor.

Compressor Malfunction

This can lead to inadequate cooling or no cooling at all, so you need to keep a lookout for a bad AC compressor. Signs include cabin temperatures that are higher than normal or loud noises when the compressor runs, as these will indicate that your compressor has failed.

Electrical Issues

Loose connections like damaged wires, blown fuses or broken temperature sensors can all result in electrical issues, and this is something that needs to be addressed right away. Failure to do so can result in acid build-up, which can completely damage and corrode components, and if this happens, a full AC system replacement will be required.

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