Buying your ultimate dream car is an exciting investment, but it doesn’t stop there. Often, many vehicle owners alter or enhance their automobile to their liking or actively put in time and money to preserve it. This is essential to maintain its value because the car will gradually depreciate which will decrease the overall value of the automobile. When a car is not maintained effectively, vehicle owners can find themselves left with a significant financial hit to restore it.

What is required to preserve a vehicle? Here are the four tips to follow to maintain your vehicle’s value.

1. Consider Where You Park

This is arguably the easiest and free way to protect and maintain your vehicle’s value. When parking a vehicle, if your car is in very close proximity to another, bumper scratches, hits, dings in the door and other damages can occur. A small scratch or bump may not seem like an immediate priority, however, these blemishes can worsen or cause further damage past the surface. Try choosing empty parking lots or spaces without other vehicles beside them to keep your car away from potential risk. If you can, keep your vehicle in the garage to avoid harsh weather elements such as ice or sun.

2. Protect Any Scratched Areas or Areas Prone To Wear

Specific areas on a vehicle are more prone to wear or vulnerable to being scratched than other areas. The front end especially, which is why you should invest in a plastic guard for the front of the vehicle which can be applied by our auto service dealer in Brampton to reduce potential damage from rocks and debris on the road. Adding black vinyl wrap to other areas prone to wear such as the rear bumper or door sill will help prevent damage such as chips or scratches. 

3. Have Vehicle Washed And Waxed

You don’t have to wait for a perfectly sunny, warm day to wash, wax and lather your vehicle. Having your vehicle washed twice during warm weather, either by a car wash or manually is ideal to maintain the value of your car. Have the vehicle waxed at least twice a year to preserve the car’s lustre, prevent fade from occurring and remove any foreign elements that may be attached to the paint.

4. Keep The Inside Clean

The interior of your vehicle should be kept clean and well maintained. This may be difficult to do, especially during the wintertime, however, it’s essential for when you eventually want to sell the car. Use OEM rubber mats for spills and keep wipes on hand to clean the inside plastic interior.

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