Taking care of your car is very important because this will ensure your vehicle is safe to dive. There are many different components in a car, and this guide will focus on air conditioning specifically. This is what helps you stay cool while in the car during the hot summer months, so you need to be able to rely on this unit if you want to remain comfortable when it’s hot outside. You need to care for your air conditioner in order for it to run properly, and the following tips will help in this regard:

Run it regularly

Try turning on your AC once a week, even in the colder months and turn it to the highest fan with the coldest settings. This will help maintain the gas pressure and will help the compressor work properly. Do this all year round regardless of the season because this will keep your air conditioner working and will decrease the chances of running into any problems. Running the defrost is another important step you need to take, as this will prevent mildew and bad odours and will clear away any excess moisture in the system. It is recommended that you run your air conditioner and the defrost for about five to ten minutes a week.

Take your car in for professional service

Your AC system will have to be recharged every couple of years, and you will need a professional to help with this task. They will provide you with a tune-up for your air conditioning system and will also help you refresh the gas while lubricating all of the moving parts to ensure they are working as they should. Schedule professional car service because this will help the AC unit in your car as well as your vehicle’s other components.

Clean the air filter

This is located behind the glove box in most cars, and you can easily remove the glove box to locate the encasement for the filter. Once you remove it, shake out any dirt and debris and clean it with water if need be. In some cases, the filter may have to be replaced, and you will have options in this regard, so you can upgrade to a filter that is more efficient at cleaning the air that circulates inside your car.

Get rid of debris

Look for leaves and other debris in the exterior grills located under the windshield. Clearing these will prevent them from getting sucked into your air conditioning system, so you won’t have to worry about clogs.

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