It’s extremely important to care for your vehicle’s tires to ensure smooth drives and fewer repairs. A well-maintained, reliable set of tires will keep you safe on the road and even save you money on gas. Yet, so many automobile owners seem to neglect tire maintenance until it may be too late and far more expensive. Luckily, most tire maintenance tips and tricks are easy and affordable to ultimately save you time, money and patience. 

What can you do to care for your tires for smoother, safer drives? Check out our best tips on tire care below.

Inflate and Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

The inflation pressure level of your tires is recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle and often easily located in the owner’s manual. Ensuring your tires are inflated to the proper level is of top priority to enhance tire durability and extend the tires’ tread life. When a tire is underinflated, it can fail while you’re driving on the road along with severe tire damage, such as cracking, “blowout” or component separation. The tire will develop sidewall flexing, mechanical damage, stiffness, and odd-sounding vibrations.

Have Tires Rotated or Realigned

You should bring your car into an auto service station in Brampton about every 9,000 to 12,000 kilometers to have your tires rotated, which will balance out the wear of the front and back to prevent deterioration. When tires have not been rotated, misalignments and odd vibrations can occur. F.M. Auto Service offers affordable, quick and convenient tire rotations and realignment for safe driving.

Have Your Tires Mounted Professionally

For your own safety and protection, avoid attempting to mount your tires independently. Without proper mounting procedures, the rim and tire assembly can be applied incorrectly. Only professionally trained experts should mount tires to ensure the process has been done correctly and safely.

Have All Four Tires Changed

All four of your tires should be replaced with a new set for the winter and spring. Some car owners only have their two front tires replaced because it is less expensive, however, this can cause the vehicle to fishtail when making a sharp turn. In the long run, your budget and self will thank you for replacing all four tires to avoid a dangerous accident, especially during the wintertime. Prior to winter, you should have all four tires swapped out for high-quality winter tires to ensure safe winter driving.

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