If the terminals on your battery need to be cleaned, you can complete this task on your own if you follow the right steps. In order to ensure your battery terminals are spotless, you need to do the following:

Turn Off Your Engine

This must be your first step because even though the process of cleaning a car battery is fairly simple, there are still a few risks involved and you may end up with an injury if you are not careful. To prevent this from happening, make sure you turn off your engine before you start working.

Loosen The Nut That Is Holding Your Negative Cable In Place

You will have to use a wrench for this step as this is the only way you will be able to detach the cable from the post. Once you’re done, follow these same steps for the positive cable.

Complete A Visual Inspection Of Your Car Battery

When doing this, look for cracks and fissures because if you detect any, it means there is a more serious problem with your car battery that you will most likely not be able to fix on your own. You may need a battery replacement, so if you notice anything odd during your inspection, you need to take your car to an automotive specialist.

Inspect Your Car’s Cables And Clamps

Look for signs of wear and tear and if you see any rips, these components will also have to be replaced. Cleaning them will not make a difference because these kinds of problems require replacements, so take your car to an automotive specialist.

Mix Your Cleaning Solution

Once you confirm that there are no obvious signs of wear and tear, you can proceed with this step. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda into one cup of water and mix it thoroughly so that it cleans your car battery properly.

Dip An Old Toothbrush Into The Mixture To Scrub Away Signs Of Corrosion

Don’t be afraid of getting into the terminals because this is the only way to clean your car battery. Use your toothbrush to target any corrosion and soak it in the mixture a few times during the scrubbing process to achieve results.

Rinse-Off Any Residue

Use a spray bottle with cool water to complete this step. It is extremely important that you remove all signs of baking soda and corrosion, so make sure they are washed away and use an old towel to then pat the battery and clamps dry.

Use a small portion of petroleum jelly to lubricate the terminals and reattach your cables to the right terminals as your final step.

These basic steps will help you clean your car battery but if you prefer to have a professional look after your car, the experts at FM Auto can help! We offer a number of different services, including brake pad replacements, oil changes and suspension repairs, so if you are in Brampton, contact us today!