It’s easy to neglect the maintenance of your car but it’s important that you don’t allow this to happen, no matter how busy your schedule gets. The right maintenance will ensure your car is safe for the road so that you don’t run into unexpected problems or surprises. Remember that while today’s technology means most cars are reliable, they still require care so that you don’t have to go through big repairs that are very costly. 


Here are a few maintenance items you should never neglect:


  1. Take the time to complete a quick inspection every now and then. Make this a habit so that you do it regularly because it will help you spot issues early on so that you can fix them easily. Without an inspection, a small problem can become a very big and expensive issue, so don’t just jump in your car and take off and instead take a couple of minutes to check that everything looks fine. 
  2. Wash your car regularly because in addition to making your car look nice, it will maintain the paint on your vehicle’s exterior and protects the metal below from rust. You can have your car professionally washed or do it on your own using soft cloths and specialty scrubbers that don’t damage your finish. 
  3. Wheels are an extremely important component of a car, so you need to make sure they are well taken care of so that they are not full of brake dust, which will affect its performance and, ultimately, the performance of your car. It’s also unpleasant to see and if not removed on time, this type of dust becomes impossible to remove, resulting in permanent stains. Using a soft cloth that has been dipped in clean water and some elbow grease will help you eliminate brake dust and keep it clean.
  4. Tires are not only essential, they are perhaps the most important element of a car, yet they are often neglected by drivers who don’t understand the importance of their care. Tires affect several functions of a car, including acceleration, handling and braking, and fuel efficiency, just to name a few. If you don’t pay attention to the condition of your tires, you will be putting yourself, other drivers and the car itself at risk. In order to avoid a potentially very dangerous situation, you need to check your tires regularly. 
  5. Checking the fluids in your car is also very important because it can save you from a dangerous situation. Check the coolant and brake fluid, which can notify you of other problems like a leak if they are low. All fluid levels must be monitored regularly so that you have peace of mind knowing your car is in working order. 

FM Auto can help your car with all of its maintenance needs, so if you want to make sure that your car is safe and in good condition, schedule an appointment today!