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Service Overview

From brake service to full engine replacement and anything in between, we can provide you with an as accurate as possible quote prior to commencing work. We’ll provide you with a quote with low end. mid range, and best quality parts so you can decide what’s best on your wallet, but at the same time, depending on the job at hand, we provide you with a recommendation of what’ll be better in the long run.
Vehicle modifications can be done, but depends on the work load for the season.

Brake Service

Do you find your brakes to be unpredictable or take much too long to slow your vehicle to a complete stop? If so, then it’s time to have your tires and brakes inspected immediately, as unpredictable brakes can be extremely dangerous for you and others on the road. A few other warning signs that your brakes need to be looked at or repaired include:

  • The brake light on your dashboard is glowing amber, indicating an issue with your anti-lock braking system
  • The brake light is glowing red, indicating an imbalance with the system
  • The brake pedal itself feels slow to respond
  • There are grinding or squeaking noises when using the brake

Any one of these irregularities could be symptoms of a larger problem, which is why it’s crucial that you have your brakes inspected by the experts at FM Auto. Our technicians are skilled in more than just diagnosing the problem. We’ll be there to talk to you about the best course of action in terms of repairing or replacing your braking system. We’ve been helping the Brampton community in repairing brake issues since 2000, offering them a great price as well.

If you need your brakes looked at, don’t hesitate to give us a call to book an appointment today!

Tire Service

Is it time for new tires? One way you can tell is by inserting a quarter into the tread of your tire. If less than ¼ is covered by the wheel, then it’s time for you to get new tires. However, this isn’t the only way to determine whether or not your tires have seen better days. If your tires are more heavily worn on one side than the other, then you might also be experiencing issues with your wheel’s alignment.

If that’s the case, or you simply want a second opinion, then stop by and talk to our experts at FM Auto. We’ve been helping Brampton customers with tire repairs, maintenance and replacements since 2000. Our technicians will be sure to inspect, balance and rotate your tires as necessary. It’s important that you get your tires looked are regularly in order to keep them in shape for as long as possible. As well, never drive with low air pressure in them, as that will not only damage the tires themselves but your car or truck as well.

At FM Auto, we take care of our customer’s vehicle issues at a great price. For more information or the book an appointment with our technicians, give us a call anytime!

Service Prices

Brake Inspection $49.95
Brake Rotor Replacement $59.95
Front Disc Brake Repair / Rear Disc Brake Repair $65.25
Parking Brake Adjustment $149.95
Rear Drum Brake Repair $225.95

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