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From brake service to full engine replacement and anything in between, we can provide you with an as accurate as possible quote prior to commencing work. We’ll provide you with a quote with low end. mid range, and best quality parts so you can decide what’s best on your wallet, but at the same time, depending on the job at hand, we provide you with a recommendation of what’ll be better in the long run.
Vehicle modifications can be done, but depends on the work load for the season.

 Brake Inspection Brampton
Brake Service Brampton

Having healthy brakes is essential to safe driving. When you have unpredictable brakes, you are risking serious accidents and dangerous driving. Minor issues with brakes can be fixed quickly and for relatively low costs; let those small issues balloon and you could potentially be looking at dropping thousands of dollars in repairs. Be attentive to the warning lights and the sounds your car is making to know when you should come in for a brake service.

Indications your brakes need to be serviced:

  • Brake light is on
    • If your light is glowing yellow, there may be a problem with the automatic brake system, red means there is an imbalance in the system.
  • Braking takes longer and more effort
    • Your brake pads might need to be replaced or there is an issue with your brake line.
  • You hear squealing or grinding when you press down on the brakes
    • Your brake pads need to be replaced. If this is happening, you will typically feel the brake pedal rumble too.

Additionally, as a rule, brake pads should be replaced around every 30,000 to 60,000 kilometres. In your owner’s manual, you can find more accurate information with relation to your specific vehicle make and model.

It may not be a bad idea to get your brakes checked out when you go in for your regular oil change. Preventative maintenance can reduce the likelihood of your car developing serious issues and expensive repairs.

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Service Prices

Brake Inspection$90
Brake Rotor Replacement$90
Front Disc Brake Repair / Rear Disc Brake Repair$25.45
Rear Drum Brake Repair$135.95

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