Properly functioning brakes are a must for every vehicle, which is extremely important in terms of safety and confidence. Drivers have to rely on their vehicles, which will only be possible if their brakes are up to the task. It’s important to know how long brakes last and when you need to replace them because this information will allow you to prioritize safety at all times.

It’s not always easy to tell someone how long their brakes will last because this answer can vary, so it’s hard to provide an exact number. Average brake life runs between 40,000 and 104,000 kilometres, although in some cases, brake pads can last beyond 128,000 kilometres. In order to have peace of mind, you need to schedule vehicle maintenance regularly because this inspection will allow professional mechanics to inspect your brakes to ensure they are functioning properly.

Brake pads will wear over time. Whenever you push the brake pedal, it will cause the callipers to clamp down on the pads, squeezing the rotors and transferring your car’s kinetic energy into thermal energy via friction. This friction cuts the speed and brings your car to a stop, and as the pads rub against the rotors, they will both wear down. Because brake pads are such an integral part of your disc-braking system, they must be in great condition as this is crucial to your safety.

The good news is that there are signs that will indicate that your brake pads are worn out, so if you pay close attention, you will know that it’s time for a replacement. The first sign of a problem is noise because you will hear screeching sounds or squeals when you apply the brakes, and this is a clear indication that a replacement is necessary. A deeper grinding sound is even more problematic because it means your brake pads have worn down to their metal backing plates, which are being squeezed directly against the steel brake discs. This is extremely dangerous because it will affect your vehicle’s stopping capabilities, so your brakes need to be replaced immediately.

A visual check will also help you detect problems, so look through the wheel spokes because you may be able to see the outboard brake pad where it touches the brake disc. There should be at least a quarter-inch of material on the brake pad and if you notice anything less, get your brakes checked because they will probably have to be replaced.

Most importantly, you don’t ignore the situation because this can lead to costly repairs and dangerous consequences. If you’re unsure about your brakes or think there is a problem, you need to head to a professional auto repair shop right away, and FM Auto can help. We specialize in brake pad replacement, oil changes, and car suspensions and more, so if you are in Brampton, contact us to hear more about our services!